Definition of the Day: Fruity Wicket & Back for the World T20

Well spring has sprung, we’ve awoken from our winter slumbers, sniffed out our whites and begun to oil  our bat in anticipation of another glorious English summer. However although we’re in very early season form, it seems someone’s organised a very handy T20 World Cup to see us through to the first days of the season – so hurrah!

India have lost in the opening fixture of the big boys, England’s first game is under way as we scribble these words and it’s time to conjure up another definition of the day. So here we are in memoriam for India’s opening pitch.

Fruity Wicket: A saucy minx of a pitch, offering flirtatious, indecent come-ons to every style of bowler: it spins like a top, seams like a demon and swings like a 70s disco.




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